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Wandi Cross is a mountain running challenge set amidst the picturesque valley of Wandiligong, a few minutes from Bright, Victoria.

Suitable for anyone from the elite to the first time mountain enthusiast.

Summiting the high points of both Mystic Mountain and Goldmine Ridge, this challenge requires participants to use a combination of endurance, strength and cross-trail abilities to ascend and descend across steep, raw, natural and technical ground.

Four distances are available:
42 kilometres (3220 m +/-)

21 kilometres (1860 m +/-)

5 kilometres (500 m +/-)

Kids Run 2 km (60 m +/-)

All profits are donated to Wandiligong Primary School.



Wandi Cross 5 (WC5)

5 km (550 m +/-) - this is one of the toughest ‘fun runs’ in the valley. Starting at Wandi oval, the trail takes you within a few short turns on to the ‘Goat Track’. When Coops and Murph made this track they had one mission in mind - to find the straightest line up to Mystic. Hands on ground, 4 rope sections and spectacular scenery of Mt Buffalo and the surrounding Alpine area from the top. An aid station will be at the top of Mystic and then it's sweet sweet single trail (some steep and technical) back down into the valley. Finishing with some short rolling single trail and you’ll be back at Wandi oval with one big smile on your face.

The 5 km event is perfect for kids to get out and climb a mountain! 


WC5 - 150 places

Race Start time - 8.30 am

Aid Stations - 1

Prizes - 1st Male/Female

Age limit: children need to be 6+ years to enter. Children under 13 years need to run with a parent/guardian.

Entry: $50 ($40 early bird until 31 March 2022)

Wandi Cross 21 (WC21)

21 km (1860 m +/-) - the WC21 traverses both sides of the valley, summiting both Mystic mountain and Goldmine Spur. After two rugged climbs on the East side of the valley the WC21 then descends some steep technical trail back down to Alpine park before tackling one of the most iconic trails in the valley, known colloquially as 'the GOAT', to the top of Mystic mountain. Approximately 500 m climbing in just 1.3 km - you WILL have your hands on the ground. After reaching the summit and enjoying a panoramic view of the high country valley, there's a final descent through the pines and along Morses Creek to the finish at Alpine park.


WC21 - 150 places

Race Start time - 8.00 am

Aid Stations - 3

Cut off - 1.00 pm at Wandi oval (Start/Finish area) half way point

Prizes - 1st Male/Female

Age limit: minimum age is 16 years

Entry: $100 ($85 early bird until 31 March 2022)

 Wandi Cross 42 (WC42)

42 km (3220 m +/-) - it's as pure as mountain running comes! Single trail, steep trail, technical trail and NO trail... the WC42 covers it all. This course has 4 distinct ridge line
ascents including rocky escarpments, fern lined spurs, 'hands in the dirt' scrambling and flowing native forest single track. Taking in some of the best trails and scenery in the Alpine area including the infamous ‘Goat track’ and an all new 1000m+ single trail ascent to Mt Ebonizer. This course is a true test of athlete and terrain. This is pure mountain running.

Note: the 42 km course is extremely difficult and only for runners who meet the specified entry criteria.

WC42 - 100 places
Race Start time - 7.00 am
Aid Stations - 6
Cut off - 2.30 pm at Alpine Park Check Point (Start/Finish area) AND 3.30 pm at top of Goat Track (Mystic Check Point)
Prizes - 1st Male/Female
Age limit: minimum age is 16 years
Entry criteria - 
completed an ultra marathon run of at least 40 km and 2000 m elevation in the past 12 months. Due to lockdowns, this does not need to be an organised event
Entry: $200 ($160 early bird until 31 March 2022)

WC42 elevation.png

Wandi Cross Kids Run

2 km (81 m +/-) - the kids run is designed specifically for kids and is a great introduction to mountain running. Starting at Alpine Park, the kids will run along White Star Road and then up the first short section of The GOAT,  then on to a dirt road down to the creek, returning to Alpine Park on the Wandi Walking track. 

WC Kids

Race Start time - 10.30 am

Age limit: minimum age is 3 years. Kids under 6 must be accompanied by an adult (no fee for adults).

Entry: $15

Race guidelines

- This is a pure mountain race. Entrants entering this event are expected to be competent in moving over mountains on technical terrain, including steep ascents and descents.

- Wandi Cross organisers have created this as a ‘technology free run’ and ask you to respect and embrace the opportunity to leave your technology behind and test yourself… purely You and the mountain. There will be official timing by Race organisers which will be recorded and available to all runners.

- Although the Wandicross is designed to test you as an athlete, it is also designed to be fun. Look after yourself, assist others if they are injured and move through the course with respect to nature, the race organisers/volunteers and the runners around you.

- The entire course is well marked. Runners must follow the marked course at all times. If you find yourself ‘off’ the marked trail you should return to the last mark you were on and continue. If you feel you are lost, you should attempt to contact race organisers or make your way safely to a known location, ie. roadway

- All aid required is on course at checkpoints. No aid outside of these checkpoints is allowed. Support crews may hand runners aid ONLY within designated checkpoints (Start/Finish area)

- This event is in an Alpine area and the weather can change fast. Although the only mandatory gear is a wind jacket and technical running shoes, please bring any additional gear you think you will require to be safe.

- Race organisers have the discretion to modify race route/start times in case of bad weather

- If you decide to stop your race at any time you must notify the race organisers

- The WandiCross organisers decline any responsibility in case of accident/injury to participants while training, travelling or competing in the event. Participants will be responsible for any damage that may be caused to themselves and others.

- Cutoffs. Race organisers will have cutoff times for both the WC28 and WC21. If runners are not through these sections in time, they must stop the event. This is for the safety of You the runner. 

Recommended and Mandatory Gear

Wandi Cross 42 and 21 - wind jacket, technical running footwear and water cup/hydration flask are mandatory. 

Wandi Cross 5 - wind jacket and water cup/hydration flask are mandatory, technical running footwear is recommended. 

Recommended gear for all distances - warm clothing (thermals), gloves.



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Wandi Cross Kids Run and 5 km

Wandi Cross 21 km

Wandi Cross 42km



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